There is no one outlet that can carry our entire line of products. We work individually with each of our customer accounts to develop a range for their specific projects. So we work together with the client to translate the required look into reality.
Yes! We dispatch from our factory floor direct to your door. Our logistic company has years of experience in the sole distribution of our product and will ensure it’s delivered safe and sound. Trucks leave our Cape Town factory twice a week and we deliver locally, to Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Durban, East London and Port Elizabeth within 7 working days from dispatch. Customized delivery solutions available for all export orders, alternatively FOB can be arranged.
Your choice, either way we can assist. Generally our clients prefer a CMT price where they supply the fabrics for us to make up and upholster. We can supply you with fabric meterage required per item for plain or repeat pattern fabric.
Best is to select your showwood finish from our website for quotation purposes. When the final order is placed we will send you a sample of the stain selected from our standard range. Should this not be what you are looking for you are welcome to send a colour sample to our offices for us to match.
We are pleased to offer a custom service where we can work with you in developing a new product. Always hungry for inspiration, we consider all designs, so send them through. Please bear in mind that due to research development costs, this option is generally reserved for a minimum order quantity of 20 units per design and must fall within our manufacturing scope. If a design is put into the system for development we require 3 weeks before a physical mock up can be viewed.
Can’t get it through your door or need a longer couch? No problem. As long as the frame does not have to be re-designed to accommodate a modification most of our designs can be made longer or shorter. However, we cannot offer this option on certain items that have a detailed or curved inside/outside back.
With pleasure! For CMT quotations we’ll get back to you within 12 hours of your enquiry for our standard items and a maximum of 24 hours for a special design request or if fabrics are involved. If you are a new client please complete a trade application and remember to clearly specify the product name, wood colour, required delivery date and delivery address. If you’d like a quote on a new design, we require estimated dimensions and a reference image.
Our standard lead time for our standard soft upholstered items is 4-6 weeks,for case goods 4-8 weeks. These lead times are from the date we receive confirmation of payment that a deposit has been secured or payment terms agreed to. In order to meet your delivery date for CMT orders, we require the upholstery material two weeks before required delivery date. Should we receive it after this time we will have to place the job on hold and can only confirm a delivery date when the fabric arrives. Generally this would be a maximum delay of 10 working days.
Although it is the clients’ responsibility to make sure the fabric arrives two weeks before delivery, we are happy to assist, check-up and chase if required. As we receive many fabric deliveries each day, we will need a proof of delivery receipt from your fabric house. We will get back to you the same day we receive it.
Simply e-mail it through to us. Our production system requires the information for each item to be completed as per the Order Information page herewith.
Many of our sofas are available as sleepers. Best of all, sleeping on any of them is a dream come true and you won’t feel that bar across your back. Sleeper mechanisms are tubular steel construction with a woven deck attached by helical springs and supported by cross wires. The sidebars do not come above the mattress, which facilitates maneuvering on and off the bed. Rocker chair mechanisms are made with heavy gauge steel and legs double riveted for long life. High density moulded caps protect your floors. We use a premium 5 1/2″ innerspring mattress. It is completely covered with a quilted damask padding that is hypoallergenic. Sleep tight!