During the spring of 2012 we set out to create a company with a spirit, enthusiasm and mindset that would allow us to venture into new territories for the furniture business. Comfort was made paramount. Costs of doing business would be minimized to ensure price points that would represent a recognizably understandable value to customers. Applying rigorous standards for quality materials and quality control check points would help us achieve virtually no returns and, consequently, real consumer satisfaction.

We have found that the market has changed with developments in production techniques. Many companies can offer their product with strengths in price, design and quality in many combinations. Few have the ability to offer all three of these strengths in their product. We have worked together with companies who have done so continuously some over 30 years and are proud to represent them exclusively in the hospitality and contract market. Sincerely treating all customers, as we ourselves would want to be treated became our principle for customer service.

And, our products had to be manufactured in a manner that is simpatico with preserving our rich environment for future generations.

All of these points are not idealistic gibberish. Instead they are sincere components of the way we want to run our business.

What has followed since our beginning has been a joyous exploration. A search for perfection which has challenged the “old ways of the furniture business” has repeatedly led to new ways of thinking for us. Even walking old paths with eyes open you see what you might have missed before. We are conscious of every task we undertake, knowing that performing it with highest intensity can only result in a successful outcome for all involved.